Do I have to grade (take belts)?

No, it is purely optional. A belt is a visual sign of the progress an individual has made. We would like to think that the challenge of learning our martial art will inspire you to set goals for yourself and the belts you gain could be part of this goal-setting. However if you are quite happy not to grade we will still be happy to have you as a member.

Can I achieve my black belt?

Yes! A black belt is an indication of sound knowledge and technical competence in Tae Kwon Do. This means you can achieve one irrespective of your age and physical ability.

To get to black belt will take approximately three and a half years. Starting with the white belt, which is given to you at the beginner’s class, there are ten steps to black belt. Each step has a manageable level of technical expertise to learn and the process is specially designed to enable you to become mentally and physically competent at Tae Kwon Do.